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Advantages of running with a group

Basically we are all a little bit competitive, you will find it stimulating. If we run with others, we want to be at the same level and not have a low performance, this will help us feel an extra motivation and will increase our performance. 

It's less hard to train with a fellow to talk with while running, turning the workout easier. This way distance and time will seem smaller as we distract each other. 

It's not monotonous as it can be when you run alone, doing each time the same, running the  same route every time and at the  same pace. The fact is that  running with other people will make each training different and show you new stuff. 

Going out and run within a group will give you the opportunity of meeting new people, with whom you may even have other interests in common, with the goal to exercise and enjoy the running. 



On Mondays and on Wednesdays we run between 8 and 10km on Montjuic, running within a slope of 100m-230m.

Meeting and starting point: CaixaForum building at Montjuic at 8pm.

The route to do will be different each day to give variety and strength to the workout.

*It's mandatory to let us know of your attendance sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Distribution list

It's important for you to be on our distribution list in way you can be updated

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La sección de Running está obteniendo grandes resultados y éxito de participación en las últimas carreras que están

teniendo lugar durante la recta final de este año.



Dos claros ejemplos son la eternal running de bellpuig, dónde el equipo de panteres grogues por segundo año consecutivo se impuso como campeón...

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Ha comenzado la nueva temporada y con ellas los entrenamientos de Panteres Running siguen.

Ven a entrenar con nosotr@s para mantenerte en forma, para desestresarte, para entrenar carreras, para hacer amistades...

Cada Lunes y miércoles a las 20h desde el caixa forum (Frente a la fuente de Montjuic)

Los martes...

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En el 2012 seguimos corriendo. Nos acompañas?

La sección de Running sigue corriendo durante el 2012 y esperando que sen muchas más las personas que se unan a nosotr@os




Cada Semana rodajes y entrenamientos por Barcelona, Sant Boi y Granollers.

Competiciones semanales y partipación en la liga Championchip.

Entrenamientos de preparación para maratón de...

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